Young Artists Afterschool Program

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Trying us out?

Sure can do! Just call us so we know to be expecting you!


Pre-registration is required. $10 members, $12 non-members per day.

Scholarships Available!


Missoula youth only receive 6 hours of arts instruction per year in the Missoula County Public Schools.

Teachers conduct outreach programming and classes on site at the center daily. We meet Montana’s Standards for the Arts and work hard to implement a contemporary community curriculum for youth in Missoula based on an Olivia Gude model. ZACC promotes the artistic and creative intellectual development of children by:

  • Having fun as community members
  • Engaging in conversation about creativity
  • Exploring media and its uses
  • Participating in events, parades, and community projects
  • Expressing themselves: Everyone can value and create artworks that are spontaneous and deeply felt through investigative learning.
  • Deconstructing culture: Children explore how thoughts and desires are shaped through immersion in local and global cultures of visuality.
  • Reconstructing social spaces: Children create exhibitions, art sited in community settings, and other art forms, which are used to share their investigations of personal stories, community themes, cultural deconstructions, and exchanges.
  • Not knowing: Children investigate, analyze, reflect, and represent. These are critical skills for citizens of a participatory democracy.
  • Believing: Children have the ability to engage in sustained inquiry without requiring a clear right answer or approach to interpret meaning.
  • Creating Art!

Please let us know if your child will be riding either the City Bus or the Lowell Bus from school so we may greet them at the bus stop!

See you soon!

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Price: $12.00